【DOREMiDi】UTB-21 product evaluation

2020-05-27 00:00

When it comes to wireless MIDI, the most commonly used is Bluetooth MIDI. Bluetooth MIDI is a MIDI protocol designed by Apple in 2014 and listed as an industry standard by MMA members in June 2015.This allows many musical instruments to be seamlessly connected to mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices through wireless Bluetooth, eliminating the need for complicated connections, and also convenient for composing and practicing.

At present, most electronic musical instruments only have MIDI interface and USB MIDI interface, but do not have the wireless Bluetooth MIDI function. Therefore, to realize the Bluetooth MIDI connection, a Bluetooth MIDI converter is needed.And the following introduces this product, which is a Bluetooth MIDI adapter for USB MIDI interface conversion-DOREMiDi's USB to Bluetooth adapter "UTB-21".


Product packaging

After the product arrives, it is packaged in a simple and simple cowhide box with the "DOREMiDi" brand logo printed on the box. After opening the box, there is a separate PE bag. The product includes a UTB-21 Bluetooth MIDI adapter, product manual, and certificate.Scan the QR code of the product manual, you can get the electronic manual of the product, and the Bluetooth MIDI connection tutorial of different mobile phones or computers.


Product connection

There is a USB printer plug on the UTB-21 (actually called a USB-B plug), which is used to connect to the USB MIDI interface of the musical instrument.At present, most USB interfaces on electronic musical instruments use this printer interface, which has the characteristics of durability and reliable connection.Of course, because of the relatively large volume, some musical instruments pursue small size and use small USB ports, but the functions are the same.


The USB flat plug of UTB-21 (actually called USB-A plug) is used to power the product. DOREMiDi officially provides two power supply methods, one is powered by a 5V adapter (you can use the adapter that comes with our mobile phone)), this kind of need to pull the cord to the socket; one is to supply power through the battery box, as long as 3 ordinary AAA batteries, it can realize true wireless use.


There are 3 indicator lights on UTB-21, you can intuitively see the use of Bluetooth MIDI, from left to right, the first indicator light is the communication light, when the instrument has data communication, the light will flash; the middle oneIt is the indicator light for the USB connection of the instrument. After the connection is connected, the light will always be on; the rightmost is the wireless connection status light, when it is connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone/computer, the light will always be on.


Product use

There are many APPs with Bluetooth MIDI function. Here we mainly use the iPhone’s Garageband as a test. It should be noted that Bluetooth MIDI needs to be connected in the APP, not in the system settings.

First, turn on the Bluetooth function of the iPhone, and then turn on the Garageband software, as shown in the figure:

Find the settings in the upper right corner, click Open→click Bluetooth MIDI device→find DOREMiDi connection→show connected, then the connection is successful, and then use GarageBand's instrument to create!

For those who are learning the piano, I recommend playing piano, bubble piano, and easy-to-play piano, all of which have Bluetooth MIDI function.


Use summary

By comparing various USB Bluetooth MIDI adapters on the market, UTB-21 compatibility is very good at present.Electric pianos of many brands such as Yamaha, Casio, Roland, etc. can be used normally.In addition, MIDI arranger keyboards such as WORLDEPANDA, Arturia, etc. can also be used normally.In the system software, it has been tested that common systems such as Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android can be used normally.In the APP software, any APP with Bluetooth MIDI function can be connected normally, such as Piano Bar, Garage Band, Bubble Piano, Perfect Piano, Yitong Piano Bar, Self Music Class, Find Piano, etc.

Overall, if you are looking for a portable, multi-functional wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapter, then this UTB-21 may be the object of your mind.

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