Introduction of THRU-3 & MERGE-3

2020-05-27 00:00

DOREMiDi recently launched two new products, the MIDI splitter THRU-3 and the MIDI hub MERGE-3.

The MIDI splitter THRU-3 can expand one MIDI input signal at most to three MIDI signal output, which can be used for the expansion of various MIDI devices.


THRU-3 has standard MIDI input and output interfaces, internal hardware direct communication, can achieve high-fidelity/lossless/delay-free communication, has 16 channels of standard MIDI, and is compatible with all standard MIDI commands, including MIDI clock, MIDI time code andSysEx etc.


The hub MERGE-3 can combine up to 3 MIDI input signals into one MIDI data stream for output, which is suitable for gathering MIDI messages.


MERGE-3 also has standard MIDI input and output interfaces, and is compatible with all standard MIDI commands. In addition, the MERGE-3 input has a built-in high-speed opto-isolator, which not only protects MIDI devices, but also guarantees the communication speed.


THRU-3 & MERGE-3 are made of aluminum alloy all over the body, with matte and wire drawing processes, and matched with silicone feet. The overall appearance is exquisite and compact, shock-proof and wear-resistant, especially suitable for playing scenes.


THRU-3 & MERGE-3 can be connected to multiple MIDI devices for performance, such as MIDI controllers, MIDI hard tone generators, MIDI effects, MIDI synthesizers, MIDI consoles, MIDI pads, MIDI triggers, etc.If you often use MIDI equipment to play and often need to expand or collect MIDI messages, this will be a good choice for your MIDI accessories!

MIDI THRU-3 Box Parameters:

  • Size: 88*73*38mm

  • Net weight: 155g

  • Packing size: 150*100*60mm

  • With packaging weight: 260g

  • Communication rate: real-time communication, no delay

  • Power supply: use the USB-B plug to power the device, 5VDC; (according to the actual use, you don’t need to supply power)

  • The product includes: 1 x MIDI THRU-3 box, 1 x 1 meter USB power supply cable (USB-A to USB-B), 1 x instruction card, 1 x certificate

MIDI MERGE-3 box parameters:

  • Model: MERGE-3

  • Dimensions: 88x 73 x 38 mm

  • Weight: 155g

  • Used for 3 MIDI input, 1 MIDI pass-through output, using hardware pass-through, no interference, no delay

  • Compatible with all standard MIDI commands

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