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$ 45.00
No. 103
Type MIDI Box
Size 115*73*33mm
Material Aluminum alloy
Colour Black
Brand DOREMiDi
Model HUB-3

The MIDI HUB-3 box (HUB-3) is a product that supports 3 x 3 MIDI interfaces to USB devices. This product has 3 x 3 standard MIDI IN and MIDI OUT five-pin MIDI interfaces, with 16 channels of standard MIDI , Can communicate with all standard MIDI commands. This product has a standard USB MIDI interface, no need to install a driver, plug and play, can convert 3 x3 MIDI devices into USB device interface, connect to the computer.

Main Feature:

1. Model: HUB-3.

2. Size: 115 x 73 x 33 mm.

3. Weight: 210g.

4. Support 3-MIDI NI, 3-MIDI OUT (48 channels in total).

5. Low latency, high speed, no need to drive, directly connect to Windows or Mac.

HUB-3 Instructions.pdf

Firmware upgrade instructions

1. Upgrade content: Compatible with MIDI clock information.

2. Upgrade target: Only for users who purchased HUB-3 before September 29, 2020. Products purchased after this time do not need to be upgraded.


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